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All About the Golden Ratio

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Beauty is subjective… or is it? Depending on who you ask, someone may posit the golden ratio as an argument to the contrary. It's the mathematical equation believed to be the outline for facial perfection. The golden ratio certainly isn't the only standard of beauty, but some may unconsciously aspire to it.

What is the Golden Ratio?

Mathematically speaking, this ratio can be found by dividing a line into two parts. The long line segment divided by the short segment should be equal to the unsegmented line divided by the longer segment. The number you'd get after all of the division is done is roughly 1.618. This number is symbolized by the Greek letter “phi”.

The golden ratio's roots where beauty is concerned stems from… well, nature itself. It is said that nature, though chaotic, observes order in symmetry. You can find this symmetry in the branches of a tree and the spiral of a conch shell. You may even notice the golden ratio in classical art.

mona lisa painting in a box

Photo by Dabbas on Unsplash

The version of this ratio employed by classical artists is known as the Fibonacci Spiral. This is a sequence of values arranged in a geometric representation of the golden ratio. Classical artists like Raphael, Michelangelo, Da Vinci and others employed this method to make their work appear more appealing and balanced to the human eye.

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How do We Apply the Golden Ratio to the Human Face?

It's definitely a hard task to look at a single number and use it to determine how “beautiful” someone's face is. Fortunately, Dr. Stephen R. Marquardt, a world-renowned facial recognition expert, came up with the Marquardt Beauty Mask and saved us all the trouble. You can check out an article on that here.

How did Dr. Marquardt Come Up with this Mask?

Answering this question means that we have to do a little math. The mask is actually based on the pentagon and the decagon when determining the placement of features. Seven ratios are considered when determining facial symmetry as measured by the golden ratio. They include:

  • The top of the head to the chin VS the width of the head
  • The top of the head to the pupil VS the pupil to the lips
  • The tip of the nose to the chin VS the lips to the chin
  • The tip of the nose to the chin VS the pupil to nose tip
  • The width of the nose VS the nose tip to the lips
  • Outside distance between eyes VS the hairline to the pupil
  • The length of lips VS the width of the nose

When each of these aspects is divided, you will discover how well your face fits the golden ratio if each measurement (when divided) is close to 1.618. We say this with a caveat: it is impossible for a human's face to perfectly fit the golden ratio.

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Photo by Drew Graham on Unsplash

Why Do People Aspire to the Golden Ratio or Find Beauty in it?

People do this due to its intrinsic correlation to nature's innate symmetry. We strive to see this type of balance in everyday life, even unconsciously. In fact, many desirable actors and models have faces that fit closely (but not exactly!) to the golden ratio including:

Bella Hadid
Gal Gadot
Ariana Grande
Taylor Swift
Natalie Portman
Brad Pitt
Bradley Cooper
Henry Cavill
Robert Pattinson

If you aspire to the golden ratio, Dr. Siman can help! His Smile Rejuvenation Services can aid you on your way to achieving facial symmetry and impeccable jaw alignment by improving your smile and your dental health.

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