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Holistic TMJ Treatment Sherman Oaks & Beverly Hills, CA

In recent years, it has become apparent that many patients’ tooth and body aches can be traced to TMJ disorder.

Yet many professionals continue to resort to rather old-fashioned and temporary means of restoring comfort and beauty in a smile. But Sherman Oaks TMJ specialist, Dr. Eddie Siman is not one to settle for temporary fixes. He is a meticulous professional, rare in his field, who has studied TMJ for over 30 years and treats it holistically without any injections, long-term drugs, or surgery. Entirely non-surgical and painless, Dr. Siman’s Sherman Oaks & Beverly Hills holistic TMJ treatment for patients is of the highest quality and care in the world. To ensure his patients receive the best TMJ treatment possible, Dr. Siman works closely with other hand-picked professionals such as neck specialists, advanced orthodontists, ENT’s, and neurologists who understand his TMJ treatment philosophy and have the experience to properly maintain and duplicate proper jaw position. Call today to begin your road to treatment and recovery from TMJ disorder with Dr. Siman, the TMJ expert.

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How We Holistically Treat TMJ

Teeth/Jaw/Muscle and Body Connection

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A. In-House CT Scan And Radiographic Evaluation:

When you come in for your first visit, we take a CT-Scan — not an X-ray image of your jaw. This differentiates our office from other dental offices that rely on outdated technology such as X-rays and panoramic X-rays. We are one of the few offices to have an in-house volumetric cone-beam CT scanner because we believe an in-depth look at your jaw and mouth is a necessary step toward finding your solution. Over his three decades of TMJ experience, Dr. Siman has developed the ability to use CT scans to analyze every aspect of your bones and joints. We also measure back and neck muscles to see how your TMJ-related issues affect your posture and upper-body pains.

B. Consultation and Evaluation:

Referencing your in-depth CT imaging, Dr. Siman conducts a clinical examination that includes a proper diagnosis of your TMJ problems and symptoms, including headaches, migraines, neck and shoulder problems, ringing in the ears, snoring, sleep apnea, and more. Then Dr. Siman determines your physiologic or comfortable jaw positions where the muscles are relaxed and have no tension. This position is unique to each patient depending on the severity of their TMJ-related complications. What distinguishes Dr. Siman is the proprietary protocol that integrates advanced computerized technology to confirm his findings rather than relying on the technology as the sole basis of his treatment recommendation as others with less experience might. By embracing the latest technology, Dr. Siman also leaves behind old-fashioned practitioners that use traditional ways of obtaining a jaw position that is more guesswork than science.

C. Bite and Jaw Alignment with Orthotic:

Once the comfortable jaw position has been established and tested, a therapeutic orthotic appliance will be provided for you to wear to properly align the jaw and begin the healing process. It is important to note that Dr. Siman’s precision-made TMJ orthotic appliances are custom fabricated using complex neuromuscular techniques and diagnostic equipment. These appliances are not nightguards or splints offered by general dentists.

D. Neuromuscular Therapy:

An orthotic does not correct one’s jaw alignment by itself, which is why Dr. Siman continues to see his TMJ patients periodically to monitor their healing process. As an adjunct to his treatments, Dr. Siman uses physio-therapeutic equipment such as Ultra-Low Frequency TENS (transcutaneous electronic neural stimulation) technology to relax tense jaw muscles. TENS delivers small impulses that increase blood flow through the muscle and oxygenates muscles to reduce tension and provide relief.

E. Dental Reconstruction or Orthodontics:

Once the TMJ symptoms have been eliminated, the patient has the option to reconstruct his or her bite permanently with reconstructive porcelain restorations (smile rejuvenation), orthodontic braces, or a combination of orthodontics and reconstructive porcelain restorations.

Our Dedicated And Knowledgeable Staff Is Here For You. To Find Out More About Our Holistic TMJ Treatment Sherman Oaks TMJ Specialist, Dr. Eddie Siman, Can Answer Any Questions During A Consultation. Call Today For Non-Surgical Relief! (818) 574-5009

Dr. Eddie Siman has over 35 years of experience and is a premier TMJ and Sleep Apnea expert in Los Angeles and Orange County. Many come to Dr. Eddie Siman with severe tinnitus, migraine problems, and sleep apnea with no relief in sight. Little do these patients know that their painful symptoms are tied to the Temporomandibular joint (TMJ). Think outside the box and pay a simple visit to Dr. Siman today so you can finally find the source of all your pain and get rid of it once and for all.

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