Smile Rejuvenation Through the Art of Golden Ratio

Smile Rejuvenation Through the Art of Golden Ratio

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It is one thing to make someone’s smile look good, but to have it feel good poses a whole different set of challenges most other cosmetic and restorative dentists cannot overcome — that is, unless your name is Dr.Eddie Siman.

During his 30-plus years of studying mouth shapes and sizes, L.A.’s TMJ expert knows the ineffable power of a smile that not only looks great but feels comfortable, too. For an individual to smile with confidence and comfort there needs to be proper care given to the very foundation of it all — the jaw.

If the Temporomandibular joint connecting the lower jaw to the skull is not resting in its proper position, any dental work conducted is at risk for failure. Do you need a crown for that chipped or broken tooth? You can get it, but if you cannot identify and fix the source of that chipped tooth — which, if not the result of trauma, is most likely teeth grinding from TMJ disorder — that crown may fail.

By finding a patient’s proper jaw position and ultimately correcting his or her TMJ problems, Dr. Siman can restore once-concealed smiles, giving his patients a reason to flaunt their pearly whites again. You can go to any dentist to get implants or veneers placed and so forth, but what makes Dr. Siman’s cosmetic work so special is that he approaches his craft with an architect’s eye for design aesthetics, proportion, longevity, and foundation. While some dentists attempt to construct glitzy and glamorous single-story homes, Dr. Siman is designing and building high-rises that are as structurally impervious as they are beautiful.

Whether it is replacing missing teeth, correcting gummy smiles, or beautifying worn down and misshapen teeth, Dr. Siman can help you achieve your goals in only two visits. Call today to set up a private consultation with L.A.’s TMJ expert and premier cosmetic and restorative dentist and implantologist.

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