What Makes a TMJ Expert

Seven Crucial Questions to Consider Before Choosing a TMJ Doctor

As a patient suffering from pain and desperate for a solution, it is important you know that most doctors that treat TMJ do not have the necessary advanced continuing education and up-to-date training, techniques and experience to properly diagnose and successfully treat your problem.

Ask these questions before you commit to a TMJ doctor. Your decision could be life-changing.

Eddie-Siman What Makes a TMJ Expert
  1. What specific credentials do you have in the field of TMJ?

  2. How many TMJ patients do you treat on a daily and monthly basis? How many TMJ patients have you successfully treated in the course of your career?

  3. What is your success rate in relieving TMJ symptoms?

  4. What type of modern equipment do you use to diagnose and treat TMJ? For example, TENS, electromyography, CT scans, jaw tracking, and more.

  5. What percentage of your practice is dedicated to treating TMJ patients?

  6. How many hours of continuing education do you have every year in the field of TMJ?

  7. Is your treatment protocol a night guard?